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Stopping Trucks/Cars wheel chock PU Block

Wheel Chock/Wheel Block for 5 Tons, 10 Tons, 20 Tons, 30 Tons, 100 Tons, 250 Tons trucks.
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SUBARU Forester Baja Impreza Legacy XV Outback SAAB 9-2X Brake pad FMSI:7830-D929 7880-D929 OEM:26296-FE020 26296-FE080 FDB1639 WVA23865

China brake pad manufacturer/supplier/factory/exporter Okmad brake pad set for
SUBARU FORESTER (SF) 1997/03-2002/09
SUBARU IMPREZA Estate (GG) 2000/10-
SUBARU IMPREZA Hatchback 2002/12-2007/12
SUBARU IMPREZA Hatchback (GR, GH, G3) 2007/03-
SUBARU IMPREZA Saloon (GD) 2000/10-
SUBARU LEGACY IV Estate (BL, BP, B13_) 2003/09-
SUBARU LEGACY Mk III Estate (BE, BH) 1998/10-2003/08
SUBARU LEGACY V Estate (BM, BR) 2009/09-
SUBARU LIBERTY III (BE, BH) 1998/10-2003/08
SUBARU OUTBACK Estate (BL, BP) 2003/09-2009/09
SUBARU OUTBACK Estate (BM, BR) 2009/09-
SUBARU XV 2011/12-
SAAB 9-2X 2005-2006
SUBARU Baja 2003-2006
SUBARU Forester 2004-2010
SUBARU Impreza 2004-2010
SUBARU Impreza Rear Drums 2008
SUBARU Impreza WRX 2004
SUBARU Legacy 2.5i 2006-2012
SUBARU Legacy 2002-2005
SUBARU Outback 2.5i 2010-2012
SUBARU Outback 2002-2009

KIA Sorento Brake pad FMSI:7854-D955 OEM:58101-3EU00 WVA:24068, F955

KIA Sorento Brake pad FMSI:7854-D955 OEM:58101-3EU00 WVA:24068 Width:149 mm Height:58.9 mm Thickness:16.4 mm China brake pad manufacturer/supplier/factory/exporter
Okmad brake pad set for
KIA SORENTO I (JC) 2002/08-
KIA Sorento 2003-2009

The price and safe of the disc brake pad depends on what ?

Disc Brake pads include steel backplate with friction material bound to the surface of disc brake rotor.
1, Do you know, what is thickness of the steel backplate for brake pads? I think no too more poeple pay attention to it, nobody asks it at all, in fact according to the OEM standard, the brake pads for most of cars, the steel backplate is 5 mm thickness, and 8mm for truck brake pads.
Maybe you ask, why you saying this, who cares of it? at least no any customer never measure it at all, and nobody can know it by eyes only without a measurement tool. even the wholesalers, distribution, importers don't pay attention to it. it seems all of poeple always care for the price. Yes, this is market economy, there have a lots of competitions, the salers strongly need cheaper competitive prices. therefor, some manufacturers try to find ways to reduce any possible cost. we know, the workers salary, materials cost, warehouses, plants, machines etc are no possible to reduce, but finally they fin…

Are you a good driver ?

1, Evening drive, if you turn on the lights?
Can make the driver of the car in front of you can see you when he changes lane, Avoid accidents.
Currently new drivers are more and more, more and more vehicles on the road, there are a lot of drivers are not taken into account, open the lights when the weather was bad and the night, not to see the other cars, but let the other cars to see you.

2, Slower cars occupied Overtaking Lane for a long time, leading to traffic jam.
3, Open headlights led to the driver of the opposite vehicle can not see clearly

About Auto Brake System

About auto brake pads.
Brake pads are a component of disc brakes used in automotive and other applications. Brake pads are steel backing plates with friction material bound to the surface that faces the disc brake rotor.

How does the Brake System works?
The working principle of automatic brake system is easy, which depends on the sensor installed in the front of the car to monitor the road ahead, and when the sensor find an emergency situation, the system will assist the driver to brake the car.

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